Faster. Easier. More innovative.

Our digital transformation goals and projects for our customers, business partners and employees.

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Digitalization is Our Future

Pissarde is moving to fully digital processes in business efficiency monitoring and production processes.

Innovation is our core Culture

Innovation is Pissarde’s core culture, reinventing itself every day.


Innovation is our core Culture

The source of our unique statistics in the industries we lead is the value we place on our colleagues and business partners.

train the talents of the future

Train the talents of the future

Pissarde is continuing to train the talents of the future and find a place in the market with the new training seminar he organized.

Environmentally Friendly Production, Better World

With our environmentally friendly production facilities, we guarantee the future of our world.

organize new campaigns

Organize new campaigns

Pissarde continues to organize new campaigns for environmentally friendly policies that are sensitive to nature. Lelas and Osmanlı Oud brands protect nature by giving special discounts to their customers who bring old perfume bottles.

Our company, whose human and moral values are at the forefront, adopts the principle of democratic management within the framework of its ethical policies.

Pissarde provides services

Pissarde provides services

Pissarde provides services according to completely objective criteria in the recruitment processes and job promotion definitions.

Overview of Pissarde

Check out the current data and overview list of Pissarde.

500+ Employees

Pissarde is growing day by day and provides employment in the countries where it is located.

6 Different Business Lines

It has giant organizations such as Perfume, Cosmetics, Clothing, Accessories and Electronic Commerce.

All Around the World

Pissarde operates in 16 different countries.

100% Recycling in Stands and Stores

Nature-sensitive materials are used in the shops and stands of companies affiliated with Pissarde.

Export to 22+ Countries

We export to every part of the world every day.

Sustainable Economy

Nature-friendly raw materials and equipment are used in production processes.

Sponsorship Agreement

A sponsorship agreement was signed with the TV series Baba. A Main Sponsorship agreement was signed with the TV series starring Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sarıtaş.

Sponsorship Agreement

A Sponsorship Agreement was signed with the Dreams and Lives Series. A Sponsorship Agreement has been signed with the BeIN Connect broadcast series.


Investor Relations

Pissarde, the Symbol of Confidence for Investors; It is growing rapidly and has high profitability.


Pissarde offers confidence to all its stakeholders for high profitability, rapid growth and an international brand image.


Our New Branch Opened in İzmir.

Our New Branch Opened in Bosnia

We Continue to Grow in Somalia.

Qatar Lelas continues to grow with each passing day.

Lelas increased the number of branches in Istanbul to 65.

Osmanlı Oud continues to grow in Qatar.

CAREER IN Pissarde

Pissarde; attaches importance to the concepts of intellectual capital and human capital, and has the mission of giving opportunities to young talents, gender equality and atomizing the career planning of its employees.

CAREER IN Pissarde

Our most important capital; Pissarde, who has the belief of ‘the vision of our employees’, takes an active role in the training and career planning of the employees.


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