PISSARDE, Established in 2014, PISSARDE places utmost importance on safety, profitability, and the holistic development of both investors and consumers. As the parent organization, we oversee seven prominent companies spanning diverse sectors, including perfume, cosmetics, clothing, electronic commerce, accessories, and printing press. These companies, namely Lelas, Osmanli Oud, Herkes Trend, Nurxos, Femascu, Pantoniz, and Trizura, are deeply committed to harnessing innovation, fostering sectoral growth, and nurturing the professional development of our employees. PISSARDE is proudly 100% Turkish-owned and operates an extensive network of over 200 branches across more than 20 countries, underscoring our dedication to continuous growth and expansion.


Founded in 2014, Pissarde; it grows itself every day and delivers its vision to the capital market and consumers with new investments. For more detailed information about our company, 

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Management and organization

Pissarde, which adopts the concept of transparency and fair management at all levels of management, takes all management processes unanimously and with participatory democracy.

Vision and Mission


Pissarde’s fundamental vision is to excel in every field it operates in, striving to earn the complete trust of consumers through innovative products and services. Additionally, we aim to be the foremost brand associated with trust, being the first name that comes to mind when trust is mentioned..



As a symbol of trust, our mission is to be a leading group of companies across all the sectors we operate in, fostering strong relationships with consumers and business partners worldwide..

Development Goals

We aspire to be an institution that is an expert and leader in all fields we work in, open to technological innovation, and has achieved opportunity and gender equality in management processes. we have made it our main goal to be in 50 countries of the world by 2030.

Environmental Ethical Policy

Environmental policy, the use and release of carbon in production, minimizing the carbon footprint is the main priority of our company. we predict that we will reduce carbon usage to zero in production and distribution processes by 2030.