Would you like to work in our company, which is a global group of companies, the opportunity to work in 20+ different countries, supports industrial and labor peace, produces social policies for its employees, and prioritizes equality of opportunity?

Ethical Policy in Selection and Placement

Transparency in the recruitment and interview processes is our most basic policy, as well as opportunity and gender equality are the main basic policies of our company. In addition, Pissarde is a party to the ILO and international treaties on the protection of labor peace and is in a position to support its employees on their career journey

Our General Principles

  • Pissarde adopts the principle of equality of opportunity and transparency in recruitment.
  • We support the participation of young talents and recent graduates in the life of employment.
  • Mobbing, gender equality, job intimidation and combating all kinds of discrimination at work is our main mission.
  • We care that all Pissardes feel valued and equal, regardless of gender, age, profession, specialty or experience.

Ethical Policy in Selection and Placement

Lifelong Learning

Contributing to the development of our colleagues and paving the way for their progress are among the issues we have been proud of since the day we were founded.

Recognition and Reward

We care about ensuring work peace, our colleagues working with the same enthusiasm every day, spreading their positive energy and sharing it. That’s why we create work environments where all our colleagues are recognized and rewarded fairly.

Opportunity and Gender Equality

We provide a non-discriminatory work environment for all our colleagues, based on the participation of women in production, the transparency of promotion policies in the workplace, the concepts of “equality” and “being from Pissarde”, which are the most important building blocks of our Group culture.

Labor Peace and Social Policies

Based on the principle of transparency and equality in companies owned by Pissarde; wage management system consists of job sizes, market data, wage policy and performance parameters.