It takes only 1/10 of a second to form a first impression of an individual based on their look and behavior! And changing this impression takes a lot of effort if not considered impossible in some cases. Imagine these fractions of a second is enough to draw the lines of social relationships with others

In the Concise Oxford Dictionary, the image is described as “the character or reputation of a person or thing as generally perceived”. A first impression based on visual communication goes a long way in influencing this perception. This makes appearance at the top of the most important elements when making a first impression.

Based on this information, we at Femascu realize that nothing should be left to chance, from the overall look to the finest details, a matching neck tie could be a key to a dream job, the suitable fragrance could lead straight to the heart of a lover and an elegant wrist watch could give just the right image to gain others confidence…


FEMASCU launched in Istanbul, the capital of the world, keeping a vision of spreading internationally with the message of COMPLEMENT YOUR LOOK. Istanbul was chosen because it would be a perfect environment for our vision and philosophy in developing our products to reflect the mix of nationalities and cultures this city embrases and its unique location that binds the west and the east.

That gives Femascu inspiration and ambition to convert our brand promise into an icon of quality and elegance around the world. This is not just a wild dream, it is a plan where we invested our years of experience in trade business, chosen the best of craftsmen, professionals and designers, and commited to the highest quality standards to present to our customers splendid products that matches their style and qualify to their need to look unique and elegant.


FEMASCU introduces a wide range of products for men and women, aiming to become their first choice when it comes to looking elegant and picking up the perfect accessory.

This was the inspiration behind the name (FEMASCU) by combining the words that refer to each gender:

Feminine for tenderness and womanhood Masculine for power and manhood

Femascu makes a harmony of the two words Our slogan (Compliment your look) is a straight to the point expression of our promise to our customers, providing them with unique accessories for both men and women.


We at Femascu realize the seriousness of international market standards, and we understand that competition until becoming a pioneer is not an easy task, but we trust our experience gained throughout the years and we emphasize on committing to a high level of standards to guarantee that our global reach is happening according to what is planned, supported by a talented qualified team that understands the needs of the targeted audience.
Launching in Istanbul and spreading internationally is promising due to the central location of the city, where Femascu can present to contemporary youth a series of high quality products that complies to our strategy and fulfills the needs of an audience who appreciates what we strive to offer .