Lelas and The Lilac Flower:

In its origins, colors, and beauty the Lilac flower holds many inspiring values around which we built the character of our Brand. In ancient Greek mythology it is said that the purple Lilac flower was once a beautiful nymph called «Syringa» whose beauty outshines all others. However, when «Pan» the arrogant master of forests and fields wanted to capture her and keep her for himself she found no way to escape him other than turning into abeautiful flower, the one we now know call «Lilac». In the language of flowers the Lilac symbolizes the feelings of Love, intimacy and youth... in themeanings of colors the color purple have always been favored by kings and princes because it inspires magisty and awe... and in nature, when Lilacs bloom it means that spring is just around the corner. Around these characteristics we built a strong and youthful brand,

Brand Launch:

From our headquarters in Istanbul city we launched the brand in the beginning of 2014, Istanbul was the perfect place to start our journey, we found in it a city with many cultures and many opportunities, and by the end of 2014 Lelas became a renowned brand across all of Istanbul major shopping malls. The efforts to expand our brand were accompanied with continuous development of our products according to the highest quality standards and presenting them in an elegant luxurious manner befitting our clients, and as we grew stronger and more confident we set out to find new markets for Lelas and achieve our goal of becoming a leading company in the perfumes industry. Our goal and vision are not a mare mirage but a structured plan into which our team members poured their long years of experience in the field, and it is a plan that is being turned into reality as Lelas Prospers and grows every day.